Report: iPhone 8 Pluses Are 'Splitting Open'

Apple is looking into claims that a battery issue with the new iPhone 8 Plus is causing devices to swell and split. There have been two reported instances that the company says they are investigating.

The two incidents, reported from Taiwan and Japan, seem to be isolated incidents as there haven't been other cases reported yet. While the iPhone 8 Plus in Taiwan split after some use, the customer in Japan said the phone arrived in that state.

After last year's Galaxy Note 7 incident, companies are justifiably concerned when any potentially battery-related incidents are reported.

So, while this seems to be limited to a small number of handsets, you can be sure people will be on the lookout for any signs of swelling.


    Two incidents?


    Start the global recall immediately.

    Future iPhone will have real Bionic chip, the one that is blood-integrated and takes nutrients directly from your feed. No need for a battery, hmm... meaning YOU will become its battery... Think of true meaning of "i" in its name... 8-[

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