Bored Of Slurpees? Grab A Frozen Oak Chocolate Milk From Your Local Caltex

Image: Oak

Formerly just a NSW phenomenon (and a limited one at that), Australians across the country will soon be able to enjoy a "Frozen Oak" by popping into their local Caltex. The fusion of chocolate, ice and milk is being rolled out in Queensland, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia over the next two weeks.

The cold beverage will eventually be available in 140 Caltex stores, according to's Lucinda Price. NSW will lead the pack with 55 locations, with Queensland getting 33 and Victoria 18.

We'll have to chase one down at some point and see if it's worth the money, but if you're desperate for a taste, Oak has set up a website where you can find local Caltex stores stocking the drink.

My guess is it'll have the same flavour as a mashed-up, icy Paddle Pop, which doesn't sound particularly appetising, but I'm more than happy to be proven wrong.

Frozen Oak [Official site, via]


    I've been freezing Iced Coffee in cartons for the last 40 years (shit! I'm old!), with the only advance being a 1 minute microwave blast to make them less rock-hard from the freezer, requiring less spoon-scraping at the start of the experience.

    Nothing cools you down on a summer day like 600ml of ice in your gut! In winter, you'd need a hot shower afterwards to stave off hypothermia!

    Dare Iced Mocha. Overpriced at petrol stations, but just sooooo nice.

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