40 Mouth-Watering American Burger Recipes For Your Next BBQ

40 Mouth-Watering American Burger Recipes For Your Next BBQ
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The Cheese And Burger Society is a Wisconsin-based gourmet collective dedicated to US-style cheese burgers. Over the years, the society has hand-crafted 40 burgers that it considers the tastiest ever created: from the “Casanova” (Swiss cheese, beef patty, ham, sautéed mushrooms, Dijon mustard and mayonnaise on a potato roll) to the “Waldorf” (blue cheese, beef patty, toasted walnuts, dried tart cherries, curly endive, sliced red onions and mustard on a rustic Italian roll.)

Be warned — if you currently have an empty stomach, the accompanying photos might make you homicidally “hangry”.

The burgers below all share one similarity — they use cheese produced in Wisconsin, which is the dairy capital of the US with a long history of cheese making. Thankfully, most of the featured cheeses are readily available worldwide so you shouldn’t run into any problems replicating these burgers in Australia. Each featured burger includes a full list of ingredients but you’ll need to work out cooking times yourself. (You can find some tips here.)

Now all you need to do is choose which burger you want to rumble up in the kitchen first. I think I’ll go for the Macho Nacho. Although the Bohemian looks pretty intriguing too. I also like the look of the Miss Daisy and the Roadhouse. Gah, this is turning into quite the pickle. (Sorry.)

Which of these burgers do you fancy the look of most? Let us know the comments!

[Via Cheese And Burger Society]


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