11 Proven Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep [Infographic]

11 Proven Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep [Infographic]
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The average person requires eight hours of sleep per night to stay happy, healthy and fully recharged for the day ahead. Unfortunately, our work commitments and social life often get in the way. This infogaphic from bed specialist SleepyPeople lists 11 “sleep hacks” you can employ to get by on less shuteye each day — without affecting your health.

“As an entrepreneur, it can be all too tempting to burn the candle at both ends and late night’s and early mornings are something which most are more than familiar with,” the SleepyPeople blog explains. “Whilst the duration of sleep may often be less than the widely recommended eight hours, it’s important that during the night, the quality of sleep achieved is as great as possible.”

Their infographic looks at different ways to ensure better sleep; from diet and body clock tips to keeping a diary. While geared towards entrepreneurs, the advice is applicable to anyone who works long hours. Just bear in mind that there’s no substitute for a full night’s rest — instead, employ these hacks as a last resort when you really need to get by on minimal sleep.

11 Proven Ways To Get A Better Night’s Sleep [Infographic]

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