You Beauty! Pringles Are Releasing Two Ripper 'Aussie Favourites' As Chips!

G'day legends! When we heard that Pringles were releasing TWO new Aussie favourites as flavoured chips we were going off like a frog in a sock! Fair suck of the sauce bottle, cobber, these two flavours sound absolutely bonza, mate!

Pringles have gone and shown that they definitely don't have a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock, I tell ya what mate! They've gone and released two new flavours: Chicken Salt and Meat Pie. Un-bloody-believable, these are two Aussie icons, you can grab 'em at the footy every week and now you can grab 'em in chip form. They can occupy top pozzy on ya kitchen shelf! And hey! No more buying extra chicken salt for your chips, it's already infused directly into the potato. You little ripper!

We're stoked, it's a heaps good move by the fair dinkum legends at Pringles to spruce up the spring with a couple of new flavours. They're $3.99 a pack, or two-by-two bob! So they aren't gonna cost ya big bikkies, mate, they're cheap as chips! Literally! Oh boy!


    It's a shame that they screwed up Pringles so much, the smaller tubes makes it more of a pain to eat these days.

    And I'll never forgive them for getting rid of the Kickin Jalapeno Cheese flavour, that was the greatest.

    Having said that, I will buy some when they are on special, because I'm a sucker

      Saddest part about my life atm is that my hands are too big to fit in a Pringles can.

      even if ya can get ya hand in the can the new thicker pringles are just aweful, got to have some old school pringles whilst travelling recently, so good

    Seriously, fuck the Malaysian rubbish Pringles Australia is trying to pass off.. shitty taste, smaller size and higher in price, fuck that. I will never buy another one of their products unless they bring back the American made Pringles.

    For now I just keep an eye out at Cheap as Chips, The Reject Shop and Aldi for when they sometimes have them.

    American = Good
    Malaysian = Shit

      Completely agree. Those Malaysian made ones are utter crap.

      Unfortunately, The Reject Shop near me seems to have ran out of their Yank stock and are now selling all of the Malaysian versions.

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