Where To Find More Diverse Stock Photos

It’s easy to find stock photos of slim white people doing stereotypical activities — women laughing alone with salad and that sort of thing. If that isn’t what you’re looking for, may we suggest some of these sites that break the mould?

Photo by @_willpower_ at Nappy.co


Photo by @eyeforebony at Nappy.co

Photo by @eyeforebony at Nappy.co

The site: Nappy.co

What you’ll find: “Beautiful, hi-res images of black and brown people. For free.”

Permissions: These photos are available under a Creative Commons Zero licence, so no strings attached. Linking back to Nappy and the photographer is recommended, but not required.

Women of Colour in Tech

Photo from #WoCinTech chat.

Photo from #WoCinTech chat.

The site: #WoCinTech chat Flickr photo group

What you’ll find: Photos of people at computers — but all the images feature women and non-binary people of colour. (Many are tech professionals in real life.)

Permissions: Creative Commons Attribution licence. Use these photos however you want, as long as you credit #WoCinTech chat.

Stocky Bodies

Photo by Isaac Brown/Stocky Bodies

Photo by Isaac Brown/Stocky Bodies

The Site: Stocky Bodies

What you’ll find: Plus size people doing normal people things, not just sitting on couches looking lazy. Sadly, the images themselves are on the smaller side.

Licence: You’re granted permission to use the image without modification, as long as you credit Stocky Bodies.