‘Westeros: The Series’ Is Game Of Thrones In The Real World

‘Westeros: The Series’ Is Game Of Thrones In The Real World

What happens when you take Game of Thrones, the medieval/fantasy juggernaut, and bring it into the world of today, with guns and cars and tanks and high-rise office buildings?

Well, a video that just appeared on the YouTube channel “Westeros The Series” looks like it may just answer that question. Just after we were all recovering from the end of Game of Thrones season 7 this week, this mysterious trailer dropped online:

In it, the Iron Throne is encased in glass in a well-lit room that looks almost like a futuristic museum. The Prime Minister, a Lannister, proclaims that “fear cuts deeper than swords” before an unknown man tells a figure in a dark hoodie “look at this prodigious world, it has changed.”

If this is Westeros, then it certainly has. I don’t remember tanks or cars or wind farms or gangs of hoodied no-faces flying the Stark banners! What is this mysterious video? What is Westeros The Series? So many questions!

Let’s hope debts (and copyrights) are paid so we get to see more soon. Though, if the trailer is anything to go by we’ll be waiting until 2019 to find out exactly what Westeros The Series is all about.

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