How To Prevent Common Running Injuries [Infographic]

How To Prevent Common Running Injuries [Infographic]

You probably don’t think of running as a dangerous exercise, but it’s an intense activity and injuries are common, especially for beginners who push themselves too hard. This graphic from Strength Running shows how you can prevent running injuries.

Your body isn’t a machine and you should never think you can just push through the pain. Trainer, marathoner, and occasional Lifehacker contributor Jason Fitzgerald shows us common running injuries that result from the repetitive stress you place on your body when exercising. You can prevent some of these injuries by adding some variety to your routine — different models of shoes, different terrain, etc. — as well as with strength training. Check out the full graphic below to learn more.

Why do running injuries happen? (and how to prevent them) [Strength Running]


  • * Don’t increase the number of km done in successive days too early
    * Don’t barefoot run because people tell you it’s better for you (it’s not for everyone)
    * Drink and eat properly after running
    * Try and add strength exercises between running days
    * Hit the trail every now and then

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