NBN's 'Check My Address' Tool Actually Works Now

Remember NBN's address checker tool? Despite a series of upgrades, the site never did a great job of providing an accurate answer on when you were getting connected. Now, NBN has rolled out yet another tweak to the search engine that actually makes it useful.

The "Check Your Address" tool on the NBN's website is supposed to give you an estimated connectivity date when you type in your address. However, as countless confused Australians can attest, the search function wasn't very clear with its information. The common response "ready for service" didn't actually mean you could connect yet.

NBN has now added extra clarification via the acronym "RTC", which stands for "ready to connect". This is in addition to "RFS" (AKA "ready for service".) The new acronym will help to give you a much better indication of when you can actually sign up. So why the initial confusion?

"While internet providers often start advertising and encouraging residents to connect in advance of an area being declared 'ready for service', there is also some confusion when individual addresses within those declared areas still require further work before they can connect," NBN explained in a statement.

"By introducing the new RTC status, we want to make it easier for people to know whether they can connect to the NBN network, or if further work is required. This will remove some of the confusion experienced to date when NBN declares an area ready for service but some people are unable to connect until further work is complete."

Areas will only be declared RTC once NBN construction work has been completed. In other words, when you check your address on the NBN website, you now have a much better estimated timeframe for connection. For RFS, you can expect a wait of up to six months. For RTC, you can start shopping with ISPs right away. (Unless you'e in a black spot, of course.)

[Via NBN]


    The shit is still broken. Now when I type my address in it says can't find your address. I drag the pin to my address and nothing
    By the time NBN is in my area, the next generation of internet will become available

      The next generation of internet is available already... just not in Australia.

    *waves from the ass end of the country* The NBN is fine here.. said when I have an hour before they turn it off for maintenance

    NBN's 'Check My Address' Tool Actually Works Now

    That's a grand declaration... I wouldn't be so optimistic...

    "We might get around to doing something in 6 months, maybe..." is considered accurate now?

    The future is here WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Go STRAYA!

    Mine says 6 month wait, we are one of the thousand of homes in NBN limbo where they had completed the area and a new estate was built. The NBN continue doing new builds but are but wont go back and connect areas that should already have access.

    Still stupid and broken.

    Mine says "Planned Availability: July-Sept 2017", but also says building hasn't even commenced yet.

    Oh well, there are 24 days left in September. Hopefully I will be miraclously surprised somehow.

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