The iPhone Wireless Charging System Is Great For IKEA Fans

Image: IKEA

I'm about to set up a new home office so, naturally, I visited my local IKEA for inspiration and ideas. And, I'm also keen to get the new iPhone X when it's available later this year (yeah, I know it's expensive and all that but I'm entrenched in the iOS ecosystem and it's so shiny and new). And that means I can take advantage of IKEA's range of office gear that integrates Qi wireless charging.

Unlike the Apple Watch, which uses Qi but has not been officially certified, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X all officially use the Qi inuictive changing standard.

IKEA offers a bunch of furniture and accessories that include charging plates for Qi-compliant devices. Now that the iPhone is part of that, without needing to add a bulky case, they can join the Android crowd who have enjoyed wireless charging for the last few years.

Although Belkin and Mophie announced wireless charging products in conjunction with Apple's product announcements, everyone's favourite Swedish flatpacker is also an option.

I guess I know where I'll be getting my new desk.


    First thing I check checked wireless charging was announced!

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