Slack Introduces Shared Channels To Boost Teamwork With Outsiders

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Until now, the only people that could participate in a channel within Slack have been teams inside a company. Shared Channels connect two different organisations, and create a secure common space for both sides to make use of Slack’s communication features and platform integrations when working together.

Shared Channels work just like any other channel in Slack. They can be public or private, and channel members from both sides can post messages, upload files, use voice and video calling features, and send each other direct messages.

As shared channels are part of a team’s existing workspace, users can work from their primary Slack account without the need to log into multiple Slack accounts, switch between email and Slack, or repeat any information when working on projects that involve external partners.

Platform apps also work in Shared Channels, so users can streamline existing workflows and create new processes to work more efficiently together. For example, they can create and collaborate on Dropbox Paper documents, make calls with Zoom, or check the status of a Harvest project — all from right within a shared channel, with more apps coming soon.

Over the last week or so, a number of players have upped their collaboration game, adding features and integrations. I'm not quite sure what the driver is as collaboration software has been around for a while. But it seems that companies are finding ways to solve some of the problems they've faced over the years. in particular, the ability to work from the cloud has been a major game-changer.


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