Seven Reasons You Should Be Drinking More Water [Infographic]

Seven Reasons You Should Be Drinking More Water [Infographic]
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Most of us should be drinking more water. In addition to keeping us hydrated and alive, there are a bunch of secondary benefits that H2O consumption can bring to your life. This infographic breaks down seven reasons you need to up your intake: from healthier looking skin to boosting your energy levels.

The following infographic was spotted on the knowledge blog Quora. In addition to explaining why you should be drinking more water (benefits include improved digestion and a reduction on acne), it also provides six suggestions to help you get into the habit. We would also throw drinking green tea and adding natural flavours onto this list.

12 Recipes That Make Water Taste Delicious

The average adult is supposed to drink around 2.5 litres of water per day. Obviously, the best method is pure H2O -- but most of us opt for coffee, fruit juice and soft drinks instead. If you'd like to be healthier but find water is too boring to enjoy, the recipes in this infographic are well worth checking out.

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You can find a bunch of additional water quaffing tips here.

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