Oracle Boosts Security Performance With New SPARC Processors

Oracle Boosts Security Performance With New SPARC Processors
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Now in their eighth version, Oracle’s SPARC processors double the performance of the previous generation when encrypting and hashing data with database, Java and in-memory analytics processing getting significant boosts as well.

Oracle says all existing commercial and custom applications will run unchanged with improved performance, security and availability on the new SPARC T8 and M8 servers

While AWS and Microsoft Azure, and to a lesser extent IBM, dominate discussions when it comes to the IaaS and PaaS markets, Oracle is making a big play in the cloud market.

Last year’s acquisition of Netsuite for a little over US$9B, as well as this update shows significant commitment to the cloud.

Those of us with a few grey hairs will remember Oracle founder Larry Ellison talking about “network computers” back in the 90s – low powered computers that connected to online services for applications and services. Despite having that vision over 20 years ago, Oracle failed to ride the cloud wave’s first surge.

But the company is now making a run at delivering business cloud services with plans to expand their data centre footprint globally and investing in improved infrastructure. This processor upgrade, which comes about two years after the release of the SPARC M7, is in keeping with Moore’s Law but reflects their continuing investment.


  • I’m so confused. They’ve laid off a lot of Solaris development staff, but they’re still developing their CPU architecture? What OS will run on SPARC if Solaris disappears?

  • Oracle has guaranteed support for Solaris through 2030, with extended support through 2034. SPARC will likely be around for some time. The only thing that Oracle said was they will stop manufacturing processors. That doesn’t mean that someone (Fujitsu) won’t continue to do so.

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