OneDrive For Android Is Getting a New Look

OneDrive For Android Is Getting a New Look
Image: MSPowerUser

Microsoft is beta testing an all-new OneDrive app for Android. The revised app brings a new user interface that looks best suited to larger screens. Comparing it to the iOS version, the new OneDrive for Android UI looks far slicker and more modern.

The old hamburger menu has been ditched. Instead, there’s a tabbed bar for navigation and instant previews of files when you tap on a folder.

There’s an active Google+ discussion going where issues are being discussed with members of Microsoft’s OneDrive team actively involved. For example, issues with uploading documents and file sharing have been identified with Microsoft’s reps saying they upcoming builds will address the problems.

I’ve been using OneDrive for a couple of years now. While I think Dropbox still has the edge on performance and reliability, particularly on a Mac, I’m an Office 365 subscriber so the 1TB of available storage is a big plus for me. While I can get the same from Dropbox and a bunch of other service providers, I’m too cheap to bother paying more money – particularly as OneDrive passes the “good enough” test.

If you’re keen on trying the beta, the Google+ discussion has links to register as a tester and for downloading.

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