Microsoft Takes All Server Admins To Honolulu

Microsoft Takes All Server Admins To Honolulu
Image: Microsoft

At the upcoming Ignite event, Microsoft will be unveiling a new server management tool. Currently codenamed “Project Honolulu”, the new interface will be available Windows Server 2016 Build 1709 if you want to get an early look.

The current MMC-based tools are getting a little long in the tooth. The update, described in more detail on the Windows Server blog, will add improved management capability for hyper-converged clusters as well as improved tools for GUI-less servers and other capabilities that have been bolted onto the MMC platform.

PowerShell support remains intact with Microsoft saying this is about modernising the admin experience and allowing contextualised data from one admin console to appear in others where it makes sense.

The Project “Honolulu” Technical Preview package will be published late next week for everyone to install and use.


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