IOS 11 Finally Gets App Organising (Almost) Right

In iOS 11, you might find yourself tapping and touching apps to find out what new features lay hidden just beneath the force-sensitive surface. If you're one who likes to start fresh whenever you get a new OS upgrade on your device, you're probably going to spend some time arranging apps on the homescreen to your liking.

On earlier versions of iOS, organising apps was a slow and time-consuming process. iOS 11, however, brings with it a simple and welcome change that makes rearranging your apps a little easier.

Only One Way to Organise

In the past, you were able to organise and rearrange the apps on your iOS device using two methods: the device itself, and iTunes. iTunes offered more control in terms of app organising, and let you select multiple apps at a time to drag and drop at your leisure, whereas previous versions of iOS only allowed for app arrangement one at a time. Needless to say, it took a while.

Now, since iTunes' removal of both the iOS App Store and its more granular app rearrangement feature, your only way to move those tiny squares around is on the iOS device itself. Dragging them one by one isn't a great way to deal with pages and pages of apps, and only makes it more likely for me to throw my hands in the air and resign to swiping right every time I want to open Facebook Messenger. iOS 11's new method of handling apps finally takes advantage of the multitouch display and lets you manipulate multiple apps at once with two fingers, an idea that should have been in place since the day they added folders (and frankly, it should have been a feature in the first iPhone but whatever, at least it's here now).

Here's how to do it:

  • Long press your app of choice until you enter app edit mode, where you can move or delete apps by pressing the X icon.
  • With your finger still on the first app, move it around until its X icon disappears.
  • With your finger still on the first app, use another finger to select other apps you'd like to move, automatically stacking them.
  • To create a folder, drag the stack of apps over another app icon until it creates a new folder.

Yeah, it's a bit awkward (especially the whole "keeping your finger on the screen" part) but don't knock it 'til you try it. Dragging and releasing your cadre of icons on an empty section of your screen will arrange them from last selected to first selected, meaning the last app you pick will nab the first open spot.

If you're aiming to put your new stack of apps into a folder, it helps to create one beforehand. You can drag the stack of apps over another app so iOS creates a folder, but if you decide to move your finger at all the new folder will disappear, and you'll be left with the same stack of apps, no doubt thanks to some bug in the newly released operating system.


    What an ignorant article. Seeems like you forgot disabled people, older folks with artbhritis, and Dupuytren's disease. You are so far off base it hurts.

    you have forgotten older people, people with disabilities, and problems that they cannot control made worse by your thoughtless IOS 11 upgrade!!! recently I upgraded to ios 11 after being incessantly hounded and having use of my cell phone interrupted by the never ending "upgrade to ios 11" or press at least 6 buttons to get back to what you were doing. For that incessant harassment alone you be very ashamed. However, I have dupuytrens disease, a horrible mutilating affliction that causes the facia in your hands to grow abberantly eventualy causing your fingers to curl up against your palm. Painful and a quality of life degrading affliction.
    About 15 million Americans age 35 and older have Dupuytren disease. This accounts for 5% of the entire US population of 309 million.
    This causes using the small pages on phones difficult at best-and impossible at worst. I have the apps in folders in multiple folders on each page of my iphone. The most recent upgrade to IOS 11 REMOVED the ability in ITUNES to organise the apps/folders/pages that a disabled person could use with a MOUSE and itunes on computer. NOW a disabled person (hands) can only perform this on thier phone, with a very tiny screen with even smaller and tightly spaced folders and app icon. You have without any fore-thought discriminated against DISABLED people by taking away the only tool to accomplish management w/o pain and anxiety and fruitless management with multiple errors. Put on a pair of ski gloves, then put thick socks on over tghem, then pick up a broomstick-and try to manage your pages, folders and apps. Oh put needles, pins and tacks inside the gloves before you start. Then you will get some idea of what this means to people with my type of disbility. enlarging zooming and all that crap is worthless-not a visual disability-a PHYSICAL disability.
    My IPHONE used to be a pure joy to own use and manipulate-has become basically a paperweight that I cannot control/format or use with ease. Its now an IPOD I can use to make calls with. All my new apps appear on last 2 pages-and I wish I could have been warned in advance-so I could have managed them. Now they are stuck where they landed. I feel that you should offer people who are DISABLED the opportunity to go back to IOS before the removal of the ability to manage the cell. I am now looking for an app that I can use on the computer to manage my iphone because ITUNES became worthless to me. Disabled people thrown to the gutter, and unbelievably when I called in to ask to get back to previous version-the customer service agent was totally unaware that this ability was removed. Having an $800 phone I can no longer manage really pisses me off because some 20 y/o software programmer convinced APPLE to decouple this service. You must hate people with disabilities to perform such a thoughtless and discriminatory action. So now I am looking at other phones (none by APPLE) and talking to friends to try and find a phone I can manipulative on my computer. I hate to say this....but whomever made this decision discriminated against people like me. I would like to keep my very expensive IPHONE but unless you fix this, I will have to buy another competitors cell and use my iphone as an mp3 player.
    I have had three surgeriess on my hands to help me to be able to even hold a cup or mouse.
    I hate to say this but this really sux!
    So APPLE what are you going to do about this discriminatory action?

    on a final note I posted this on the APPLE support pagve-not a single response.

    It does suck, but there’s a 3rd-party solution: iMazing. Does everything iTunes used to do for organizing apps and way more.

    Despite flaws here and there I personally is having a pretty good experience with iOS 11 so far. Kudos to Apple team for the great work.

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