IDC Says Aussie PC Shipments Are Up

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Australians bought over 980,000 PCs over the second quarter of 2017 representing year-on-year growth of 3.3% according to research released by IDC. While the education and SMB sectors contracted slightly compared to the same period last year, consumer, government and enterprise buyers opened the check books and let the credit cards loose.

The growth was fuelled by end of financial year purchases, according to the IDC report.

The fall in the education market is unsurprising. Most of the purchasing for schools is done at the end of the calendar year and with enrolments in some independent school sectors falling, the decline in that part of the market is unsurprising. SMEs are quite fickle when it comes to purchasing and the rise of SaaS and many business applications not needing cutting edge hardware, it seems they might be holding on to existing hardware for a little longer.

Source: IDC

We're also seeing tablets fall out of favour as those sales continue to contract.

The growth in the other sectors represents a good result for manufacturers. HP, Dell and Lenovo continue to dominate the market with HP owning over a quarter of the sector. Lenovo's third position, with just under 17% of the market, is solid but Apple isn't all that far behind with over 13% market share. That's on the back of a flat year for Apple and strong growth for Lenovo.

Source: IDC

What's clear is that while we have more different types of computing devices available to us, desktop and notebook computers remain an important part of the business landscape. For many tasks, they remain the best tool for the job.


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