How Blindfolds Lead To Better Sex

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Often sadly overlooked in the box of toys for bigger, shinier offerings, the blindfold is actually a surprisingly sexy bedroom must-have. Whether you’re a bondage aficionado who’s bypassed the blindfold, or a sex toy newbie who’s yet to make their first foray into the seductive world of bondage play, the blindfold can offer a world of new sensations and sexual enjoyment. It's time to open your eyes to the benefits.

Firstly, a blindfold, as small and simple as it may be, packs a powerful punch. By removing one of the senses - the fairly substantial sense of sight - you’ll be inadvertently heightening all of the others. Your sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing will be much more intense, which will open up a new door to lots of different types of sensory play.

Every kiss, touch, stroke, lick, pinch and spank will be magnified and have you shivering with anticipation for the next. With your vision obscured, your excitement will reach new levels as you wait for what your partner will be ready to do to you.

Secondly, while a blindfold might leave you in the dark, it’ll be a beautiful eye opener for your partner. You might not be able to see how sexy a blindfold looks on, but your partner will be thrilled at the sight of you adorned in such a beautiful bondage item.

Furthermore, depriving somebody of their sight immediately creates a sensual look of submission that can be a great turn on for many. And, of course, the facial focus will be left on the lips and mouth, which will set the imagination running wild.

The sensual and submissive look isn’t the only benefit a blindfold can bring. The act of wearing a blindfold promises to help the wearer slip more easily into a submissive role, letting the partner naturally adopt a more dominant one. The small, simple addition of a blindfold can automatically engineer powerplay and add a different dynamic to the relationship - all this without having to delve deeper into the potentially more overwhelming aspects of BDSM.

And it’s not just the senses that benefit from a blindfold, it’s also the emotional mechanics of the relationship. The addition of power play and control to your sex life requires a great deal of trust, both for the person giving up theirs and the person taking it. Having that trusting element in the bedroom can strengthen your relationship, which naturally makes for a better sex life. When you have trust in each other, you’ll be more open to trying new things.

Plus, the addition of a blindfold makes both the wearer and partner lose their inhibitions a little as masking part of the face is proven to have a psychological effect on people. It might help to take away some of the pressures and insecurities that can creep into everyday sex.

So What to do once you’ve got one on? Well, the options are endless: you can use the tools nature gave you or you can introduce other items into your play like food, ice cubes, massage oils, body-safe candles and so on. The sensations will be amplified even further and the blindfold will allow you to completely succumb to the pleasure evoked.

Want to know where to start? A great option for beginners or advanced users is the Bondage Boutique Soft Blindfold. Its soft, fleeced lining makes for comfortable prolonged wear, while the adjustable straps mean it will stay in place and ensure total blackout during play.

Anna Lee is a blogger and sex toy expert who writes for Lovehoney Australia. You can see a list of their best-selling products here.


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