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A little over a week ago I moved to a new home. As I'm now in a long-term committed relationship with a bank, I can make this place my own. For me, one of the keys is getting my workspace right. I'm currently working off a very small table as I think about what will work best. And that's where you come in. I'm looking for ideas on getting the most out of the space, given the limitations of budget and floorpan.

The space I have is open - there's no door which is not optimal but, as i work from home and everyone else in my family is either at work or school during the day it's not a big deal. In fact, it's a good as it means i can't really work after hours when everyone is around. That helps form a boundary around my work and family life - something that can be a challenge if you work from home.

I need to accomodate two computers, a Mac mini connected to a 27-inch LED Cinema Display, and a small form factor Lenovo hooked up to a 24-inch display. I also need to fit in an upright piano and find space for storage. My feeling is the long back wall is place for some overhead storage with a long bench/desk along the wall. There's a heating duct on the floor on the rights side that limits things a little.

Here's the space I'm looking to set up.

I think I'm OK for power outlets with three double points. The space needs to be easy to keep neat as it backs onto a living space. So, perhaps some easily removed screens will help keep its hidden when we have guests.

What do you think? How can I best make use of this space?


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