Google Turns On File Streaming And Deprecates Drive Apps For Windows And Mac

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Google's Backup and Sync software will be taking over completely from Google Drive for PC/Mac later this year. Support for Google Drive will terminate on 11 December 2017 and the service will shut down completely on 12 March 2018. For G Suite admins, that means you’ll see settings in the Admin console for Drive File Stream. Google is turning Drive File Stream on today for all customers.

A blog post describing the changes has been published, describing what users will see while the transition is in progress.

Google is well known for its penchant for deprecating products - I'm still annoyed at the shutdown of Reader although I've found Feedly a more than adequate replacement. At least in this case Google has delivered an alternative. And it gets rid of the Photo Uploader as well so you'll only need one application instead of two for syncing content to Google's cloud.

If you're wondering what the gains and losses are in the swap, there's a feature comparison.


    Hmmm, this will be fun as a G Suite Administrator.

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