Don’t Throw Away Your Butter Wrappers

Don’t Throw Away Your Butter Wrappers

It seems as though I am forever buying butter. I’m not complaining at all — having a lot of butter around makes me feel warm and safe — but I often find myself unwrapping a lot, depending on the type of projects I have going on.

Photo by Claire Lower

This means I end up collecting a fair number of wrappers, which I am also not complaining about. These pieces of paper, which still have precious butter on them, have a multitude of uses. I keep mine in a plastic bag in the freezer and take them out as needed for the following uses:

  • Greasing cake pans: One wrapper usually has just the right amount of butter for greasing a small cake pan
  • Light pan frying: Rubbing a butter wrapper around a frying pan will give it just a bit of grease, perfect for light pan-frying or sauteing.
  • Separating food: All sorts of frozen foods — from baked goods to burgers — can be kept from sticking together through the use of butter wrappers.

This applies to all butter wrappers, but it is especially true for those that you peel off room-temperature butter; you can practically butter a piece of toast with those guys. In fact, you probably should.