How To Make Quick And Easy Protein Smoothies [Infographic]

How To Make Quick And Easy Protein Smoothies [Infographic]
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Rather than letting yourself go hungry and zipping to the nearest drive-thru, protein smoothies make a more filling and nutritious on-the-go meal. This infographic helps you whip up quick and easy drinkable meals for times when you needed to roll out the door 15 minutes ago.

Not all smoothies (protein-packed or otherwise) can be considered any better than a Snickers bar in terms of sugar content, but when you make them at home you can at least control the ingredients and quantity. As you’ve probably cleverly deduced, smoothies are just giant whole food orgies in a blender, but there is a certain order to the madness. Make it thick, add more or less sweetener, or throw in more protein and calories for a full meal, all the while making it taste delicious!

Full disclosure, I helped create the infographic, over at Still, it’s a useful guide for easier and faster smoothie-based meals at home. Check out the full infographic below.

[Editors note: Yes, we are aware that this graphic contains some US measurements and brand names. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of useful information for anyone trying to get into DIY protein smoothies.]

A Graphical Guide to Quick and Easy Protein Smoothies


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