This Is Why You Should Never, Ever, Puncture A Battery

The Hydraulic Press Channel has lost some of its appeal over time, but it regains a little novelty when it crushes something that explodes. In a completely unsafe demonstration, the channel's purveyors compressed a battery pack with fiery results. (Reminder: Never puncture a battery.)

I'd recommend skipping to the 4:30-mark, as everything before that is a promotion for the channel's mobile game.

To convince the unfortunate Varta power bank to explode, a number of screws are placed on the press, pointy side up. Once the pack is positioned on the screws and the hydraulic press activated, well, you'll understand why batteries have warnings about not puncturing them.

Image: Hydraulic Press Channel

Yes, they have a tendency to blow up. I'm also not sure if those fumes would be healthy to breath. I'm going to go with "no".



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