These Are The Most Painful Things A Human Can Physically Feel

These Are The Most Painful Things A Human Can Physically Feel

Of course, there’s a level of subjectivity to pain. One person might find listening to Kid Rock to be more painful than stubbing their toe. Another person might enjoy a little bit of pain. And who can say how painful heartbreak feels? But we can still generally identify most of the worst sensations that people don’t ever want to experience.

As the makers of the informative video above point out, one thing to keep in mind is that there’s only so much pain that a person can take before the body’s built-in painkiller steps in and knocks you out. So, if a person gets burned, for instance, a fourth-degree burn might not be as bad as a third-degree burn due to damaged nerve endings and the likelihood that a person would pass out in the process. But many burn victims agree that the worst pain comes in the recovery process.

Bullet ant stings are considered the most painful insect sting according to Justin Schmidt, the creator of the Pain Scale for Stinging Insects. These vicious little ants got a recent boost in notoriety when Coyote Peterson released a video of himself being stung by one. He didn’t have a good time.

And your own body turning against you can be worse than most outside pain inflictors. Britain’s National Health Service ranks shingles, heart attacks, and cluster headaches among the most painful conditions a person can experience.

I won’t spoil any more of the most painful experiences this cruel world can inflict on you. Just watch the video. And there’s a shoutout to Gizmodo. Time is a flat circle and what goes around comes around, I guess.

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  • When my appendix burst the pain caused me to pass out:

    Can anyone explain how it’s possible to experience *more pain* than the amount required to force one to pass out?

  • A cluster head ache.. Nothing quite like laying on the floor biting a piece of cloth to muffle the sound and help deal with the pain while screaming

  • Try having Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). It is rated as one of the most painful medical conditions (42 on the McGill pain scale – the highest rated condition). Imagine your brain telling your body you are in pain 24/7. It is not just one type of pain either, it can be stabbing, bone crushing, burning, electrifying, cramping, tingling pins and needles, or all of these at the same time. There is nothing to escape the agony. It’s classed as the suicide syndrome, as many people cannot take the pain or lack of treatment option.

    There is a significant difference between acute pain and chronic. If it’s acute, we know that the pain isn’t going to last forever, and pain medication is often enough to get people through the pain. Chronic pain exists past 3 months and is often life-long. When stronger and stronger medications fail to take the edge off, then what options do you have? Compare that to a condition that you may get once a month or every few weeks and lasts a couple of days or so.

    Pain is all relevant anyway. Some people have higher tolerance than others, or have never experienced really awful pain to have a reference point.

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