The Cheapest NBN Plans With Unlimited Data

The Cheapest NBN Plans With Unlimited Data

Two trains leave their stations and travel towards one another. Michelle is on Train A and is scrolling through her Instagram feed. Ben is on Train B and listens to Spotify while reading the news. Forty-five minutes later, the trains pass one another. Who has used the most data?

For some people, maths is fun. But if you ask me to calculate my monthly data usage, on my phone or on my fixed-line connection at home, my eyes glaze over and I’m immediately transported to my happy place. I make sure I have enough data, I don’t want to go into more detail than that.

So when the NBN arrives at my place (sometime after the apocalypse, in late 2019) I’ll sign up for an unlimited data plan. If you agree, read on for all the unlimited data NBN plans in our database.

(These are all fixed line products. Follow these links if you’d like to see Fixed Wireless or Satellite plans).

NBN 12 Unlimited Data Plans

Amaysim’s stupidly popular $40 deal leads the pack here, with the discounted price on the first six month’s of service. In second spot is Flip TV, a new provider offering a mix of cheap plans, and a streaming TV service accessing foreign language services.

NBN 25 Unlimited Data Plans

Bendigo Bank jumps out in this list with a promotion offering free setup and a free NBN-ready modem. The plan is no contract, making this a cheap way to try the service without locking in.

NBN 50 Unlimited Data Plans

AusBBS holds pole position with its ‘Price Fighter’ promo, and a reasonable $75 per month price tag. If you need an NBN-ready modem, AusBBS will send you one for another $75 including shipping.

NBN 100 Unlimited Data Plans

Perennial favourite MyRepublic still owns the 100Mbps space, at least until its super-cheap promotion finishes at the end of August. Keep an eye on the minimum total cost in this comparison. Some of the cheaper options, like Dodo, charge a bomb in setup costs.

With all of the tables, click ‘View Full Results’ if you want to filter the plans yourself. And, if you’ve found a great NBN plan in your research, shout it out in the comments.

Joe Hanlon is Publisher at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website. He’s been writing about phones and plans for far too long.