Reminder: Marriage Equality Enrolment Closes At 12AM Tonight

Reminder: Marriage Equality Enrolment Closes At 12AM Tonight

To participate in the Marriage Law Postal Survey you need to be correctly enrolled by 24 August 2017. This means you have less than two hours to ensure your vote counts.

Fortunately, the whole thing can be done online in a few minutes. Here are the links and instructions.

If you’re not on the electoral role or have recently changed address, you only have until midnight to update your details. Failure to do so will result in not being able to vote.

The good news it that there’s no need to talk to people on the phone or mail a physical form – the whole process can be completed online and it only takes a few minutes. All you need is some proof of identification such as a driver’s licence or passport number. (You don’t need to scan or print these documents out.)

Here are all the links and info you will need.

There’s no more time to keep putting it off. Do it now.

Australian Marriage Equality Vote: Everything You Need To Know

Starting in September, Australians will have the opportunity to vote on the issue of same-sex marriage in Australia via a postal survey. There’s a lot of information to take in and not all of the language is easy to understand. We’ve collated everything we know about the survey right here.

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  • Another warning to those who have moved recently (as I have).

    About four weeks ago (soon after the move), I received a letter from the AEC to my *new* address stating that they were aware of the move, and if I was happy with my address being updated, to sign the enclosed form and return. I signed and returned the following day.

    Yesterday, I received another email from the AEC (again to my *new* address), stating that due to the Postal Plebicite, they would not be updating my address based on my previously signed and posted form, and that if I did want my address updated, I’d have to find another way to do it.

    I’ll be fixing it up today. But be aware that even if you’ve done all the right things, this is being run so shoddily that changes of address aren’t getting processed.

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