Good News: Qantas Is Speeding Up Its Free Wi-Fi Rollout

Image: NAPARAZZI via Flickr

According to Qantas' latest financial results, its domestic trial of free Wi-Fi has gone swimmingly — so much so that from late next month, the airline plans to "accelerate" the service's rollout.

It's only a paragraph blip on Qantas' full report, published yesterday, but it does bode well for a more connected domestic network:

The rollout of Wi-Fi on the Qantas Domestic network (A330 and 737 aircraft) is expected to accelerate in late September 2017, once the current trial is complete and final regulatory approval for the new service is confirmed.

ZDNet's Corinne Reichert quotes Qantas CEO Alan Joyce describing the trial as "successful" and that the service will "ramp up from September".

Of course, it's not all fairy floss and candy canes for Qantas; it still lags behind other airlines on the international front when it comes to wireless, however, the company is apparently "waiting for improved technology" if its Twitter account is to be believed.

Qantas to accelerate in-flight Wi-Fi rollout [Qantas, via ZDNet]


    Forget the WiFi. I'd rather the seats start going back to a proper size, to not be packed in like cattle, be the only person to have bought the seat and not 10 others, have the flight itself be made efficient so I get to my destination sooner and not have to pay through the nose for the basics.

    Seriously, how about they look at the long retired Concord and start trying to beat that craft's speed record but without the price tag?

      If you can rewrite the laws of physics I'm sure they'll be happy to bring our the concorde again for you.

        The Concord didn't defy physics. It was for the time well engineered.

        The problem is the engineering wasn't holding up anymore and nobody saw the cost to be bring the Concord up to scratch worth while.

        Travel time aside, there are still the other factors which can be easily meet. Airlines just choose not to do so; they have no actual barriers other than what is in their heads.

          No, but if you want to do it faster, you have to throw a hell of a lot more fuel at it and that is not going to be cheaper.

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