Prepare For McGregor Vs Mayweather By Watching UFC Video Game Glitches (With Commentary)

Image: JoeyCurran via YouTube

Whichever way it goes, McGregor vs Mayweather is destined to be an... interesting event, given the fighting backgrounds of the competitors. If you want to embrace a little pre-match silliness to get into the spirit of things, there's no better way than watching physics glitches from EA's UFC video game with hilarious running commentary.

Sports video games have always strived for realistic visuals and physics, to the point that they can sometimes trick your mind into thinking it's the real thing.

Until they glitch, of course.

With the more sophisticated logic, 3D models, animations and so forth, the chances for something to go wrong increases also. And because everything looks more real, well... they can be bizarre, almost creepy, to watch. Take McGregor's unusual pose — complete with broken ankles — in the image above.

Fortunately, these glitches can also be hilarious, given the right context.

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Back in 2014, YouTube channel "Tommy Toe Hold" (and later "Noober Goober Gaming") created a parody video where a pair of guys do impressions of US commentators Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan, over the top of a compilation of glitches from EA Sports UFC.

In total, four videos were made, with varying levels of hilarity.

As funny as it would be to see, somehow I don't think Conor McGregor will be employing any supernatural manoeuvres such as the "mummy guard" during his fight with Mayweather.

But we can dream.


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