iTunes Keeps Auto-Playing? Download This Blank Song

iTunes users all know the aggravating feeling every time you plug your phone into your car, or idly hit play: The first song in your library comes on, feeling less like music and more like an alarm clock, and you rush to turn it back off. And then you never again want to play Adele or Abbey Road or "Ain't No Sunshine". iTunes has poisoned your mind.

There was a great shot of ABBA, but we couldn't afford it (Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

Samir Mezrahi has the answer: A blank song, available for $1.69 on the iTunes Store, with an alphabetically perfect title.

If a certain playlist keeps auto-playing, put this track at the top. If you sort by artist like me, you'll have to edit the track info and add "A a a a a" to the artist name. (Unlike Spotify, iTunes sorts letters above numbers.)

Of course, if you want to save a dollar, you can generate a silent track yourself in Audacity.


    Lol what a joke. The fact that something like this needs to be a thing at all is laughable.

    I have never noticed this. Every time my phone connects to the car, it's either part way through a song, or a new random song.

    I have shuffle enabled, and never see this problem.
    Am I doing it wrong?

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