How To Promote A Business With Your Car

If you run your own business, and own a car, but aren’t using it to market your business then you’re missing out on a vital advertising platform. If you’re driving around a lot, perhaps to get to meetings or to go between different offices, then this is a great chance to advertise your business.

The benefits of using your company car to advertise your business are huge – your car, when stationary, could be seen by all sorts of people while walking around whether it be in a car park, in your drive, or at your office.

Also, when driving, you are visible to everyone else on the road. If something about your car catches their eye then they are likely to remember your business in the future.

The trick is to have commercial graphics that are large enough to be seen, an eye-catching colour scheme and a simple telephone number, brand name or web address that doesn’t need to be written down.

Think carefully about how you are going to advertise your business on the move. Keep it simple but make sure something about the design of your car and graphics catches the eye of other drivers and passers-by.

To help and give you a better idea of how to do this, here are some ideas that will help to make sure your car – and therefore your business – stand out from the rest:

Vinyl Car Wrap

These come in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes. They can either cover the entirety of your car or just part of it.

These are great if you have certain company colours you want to stick to. Say your company car is black but you work for a brand that is known for its bright pink and blue colour scheme. Instead of getting your car re-sprayed – which can be very expensive – a car wrap would be a great choice.

As part of a car wrap you could also have you company logos and detail on your car.

Another benefit of vinyl wraps is that they protect the bodywork of your car. This means it’s less likely to get scratched or chipped. If the graphics get damaged, the affected panel can be easily replaced.

Individual Graphics

These are considerably cheaper than a full car wrap but you need to take into consideration what people will see when you are driving past. If you do a lot of city driving then you can get away with small graphics, but if you’re on the motorway a lot, you’ll need something that can be seen at speed.

Individual graphics could be vinyl panels, cut outs or simple text. It all depends on what you are after.

It’s always important to remember that whenever you change your car from being used domestically to being used for business, you may have to change your insurance. The original policy that you took for your family car may have only been valid when being used for domestic or recreational purposes, so if you start to use it for the benefit of your company or business, then your policy could be in danger of being invalid should you have an accident.

Lara Anderson is a freelance writer who specialises in providing useful and engaging marketing advice to businesses.

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