All The TV Shows Getting Cancelled In 2017-2018 [Updated]

All The TV Shows Getting Cancelled In 2017-2018 [Updated]
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TV is a cutthroat business – whether it’s cable, streaming or free-to-air. In 2017 and 2018, a bunch of beloved shows will be bidding adieu to their dwindling fan bases to make room for the next hopeful hit. Here are all the shows that you care about whose days are sadly numbered. Marco Polo, we hardly knew ye. *Sniff*

Most of the shows on this list were collated by Metacritic based on official statements from networks, studios and streaming giants. Some shows will be given one final season to conclude their stories while others simply won’t return at all.

Here are all of the noteworthy shows that were consigned to the scrapheap in 2017 or are on their final season.

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The big losses here (in our humble opinion) are Marco Polo, Reign, Black Flag and Sense8 . We hear Pretty Little Liars and Gypsy had their fans too.

Naturally, the void will be filled with a bunch of new properties which you can find at the link below. Whether any of them are any good remains to be seen.

This story has been updated since its original publication date.

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    • I have been burned many times so don’t often jump into something new, Westworld being an exception. Heaps of stuff on Netflix has multiple seasons though so going through there is great. Just caught up on the last bit of Suits and going through Homeland now.

      So sad to see Mythbusters go, been a fan from day 1. Almost half my life I’ve enjoyed Adam and Jamie’s company.

  • Don’t mind shows finishing. It’s much better for a series to end in a planned way than meander along for years and get slowly worse. It’s disappointing though that a lot of shows get cancelled with unresolved plotlines.

    I kinda wish that when they decide to cancel the show they’d say “We’re cancelling the show, you have the option of six more episodes to wrap stuff up.” Give the writers a chance to tie up loose ends and end the series elegantly. Or of course they could let it slide in the hopes they’ll be picked up by a rival channel (Futurama) or renewed by public demand (Family Guy) or get a movie (Firefly).

  • Thankful for VPN due to the grubby Australian TV channels except leftie ABC, showing almost continuous advertising disrupted by mostly pathetic, locally-made series’ , past -use-by date movies and USA & UK TV series’ .

    • You do understand that what the TV stations show is what people want to watch, right? If those things weren’t rating, they’d be dropped in a heartbeat. Similarly, if the networks thought any of the shows above would be ratings winners, they’d be falling over themselves to put them to air. The reality, however, is that none of those shows would (or did) rate, so those that the networks had were relegated to digital channels. It’s just the way of the world.

      • Silly comment, “People” want to watch, which ‘people’. which age group, definitely those with a low level of intelligence would support TV advertising with a snippet of a show only viewed between the ads.
        Some ‘people’ have no other form of ‘entertainment’ or company because they are lonely.
        ‘People’ is not every Australian, get used to it and learn to write sensible comments.
        ……and MotorMouth nothing is “The Way Of The World”, have you visited the rest of the world to judge ‘the ‘people’.

  • GRIMM was canceled midway through the production of the current series thus is now in its final series an d is half as long because of it.
    I will say though that i will not shed a tear for the end of next top model, Pretty little lairs, Vampire Diaries and Teen wolf.

    Now if only Masterchef, the block and MKR and the bachelor, X-factor etc would also get the axe

  • I find it hard to keep interest in TV shows that are longer than 3 seasons nowadays and I think they should start shortening the plots of some good shows like Tyrant rather than cancelling them… There’s nothing wrong with a TV show that has only 2-4 seasons.

  • they are probably ending Black Sails where they want to. Spartacus was the show they did before it, so maybe they are making way for something else again.

    • Correct. Josh Thomas who wrote and starred in the semi-biographical show and decided to pull the plug because it was too painful watching his life being portrayed on the screen.

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