Domino’s Is Killing Off Chef’s Best Pizzas

Domino’s Is Killing Off Chef’s Best Pizzas

We have some potentially bad news for Domino’s fans: according to a report in the SMH, the fast food giant is killing off the Chef’s Best range. Instead, it will serve up a new range of pizzas that are reportedly smaller and more expensive. It’s all part of an image revamp that will see the brand marketing itself towards premium takeaway lovers. Here are the details.

A leaked menu obtained by our parent company Fairfax Media has revealed a slew of changes coming to Domino’s Pizza. In the next few days, Domino’s will start selling an all-new “Premium Range” in place of its existing Chef’s Best pizzas. Most of the new pizzas will start at $15.90, which is a $3 markup compared to Chef’s Best.

According to the leaked document, the new menu is part of a long term strategy that will see the chain move away from low-priced pizzas. Instead, the emphasis will be on quality and freshness rather than price.

“The key focus points for this new campaign will drive a quality halo for the whole brand, ensuring that as a brand Domino’s stands for more than just cheap $5 pizzas,” the company said in the document. (Despite this claim, the bulk of changes appear to focus on the existing high-end range, with cheap Traditional pizzas remaining on the menu.)

On the plus side, the new range will include more toppings than their Chef’s Best predecessors and will also be a bit larger – for now. Last month, an analyst from Deutsche Bank said the company was set to reduce the size of its pizza bases in a bid to offset increased penalty rates. Domino’s has refused to confirm or denied the reports. Time will tell.

In the meantime, you will be able to try out the new Premium Range pizzas from this coming weekend. We hope Chicken & Camembert makes it across to the new menu.