Domino’s Is Giving Away 10,001 Free Pizzas Today

Domino’s Is Giving Away 10,001 Free Pizzas Today

Hot on the heels of Pizza Hut’s margherita pizza promotion, Domino’s is giving away 10,001 pizzas from its new Quality Fresh range. The deal kicks off today at 4pm AEST. Here’s what you need to know.

Domino’s is looking to win over new customers with ‘Quality Fresh’ pizzas: a new menu that effectively replaces Chef’s Best. The Quality Fresh range boasts more toppings and a familiar round shape in place of Chef’s Best’s awkward rectangles.

They’re also a bit more expensive, with most priced at $16.90. (Domino’s is pitching them as a “premium product”.) Fortunately, you can soon try one for free.

To get the deal, simply head to Domino’s Facebook Page and enter your details to receive a unique code. The code will remain valid until Sunday 13 August, so there’s no need to scoff your freebie immediately. The voucher entitles you to one free pizza of your choice from the Quality Fresh range.

As we pointed out during last week’s Pizza Hut giveaway, these sorts of promotions are often more trouble than they’re worth due to all the hoops you need to jump through. Fortunately, the Domino’s version is slightly more conducive to scoring a free pizza with minimal effort.

With that said, Domino’s has conspicuously failed to mention whether you need to pick up the free pizza in store. Either way, we suspect free delivery is not included.

Update: Domino’s has confirmed that that the deal is available for both pickup and delivery. However, as we suspected, there’s a minimum delivery order of $22. Boo-urns.

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