Dealhacker: Get 33% Off Google Pixel (128GB)

Dealhacker: Get 33% Off Google Pixel (128GB)

The Google Pixel is still one of the best smartphones on the market, but it’s edging closer to a refresh. If you’ve had your eye on one, now is a good time to buy. Although the 128GB Pixel retails at $1169, you can currently buy the Silver 128GB version, online with free delivery, for $789.

Gizmodo was full of praise when they reviewed the Pixel back in October last year, and even with the Samsung Galaxy S8 releasing earlier this year, the Pixel stills remains one of the best phones to use. While the S8 has a great display, from a functionality point of view, the Pixel reigns supreme over other Android phones. It’s got a wonderful camera, excellent battery performance and just feels perfectly streamlined to work flawlessly with its operating system, which makes sense considering it’s made by Google.

However, Gizmodo did bring up that hefty Australia Tax we had to pay on the Pixel as a big downside. With this deal, spotted by OzBargain user RewardBucks, you can get 33% off the Google Pixel over at DWIdigitalcameras, where it’s currently just $789. It comes with a one-year in-house warranty with DWI.

Don’t forget to add the code ‘FREESURCHARGE’ on checkout, which will bypass the 1.8% fee they slug you for using PayPal. If Silver isn’t your colour then you can always go for the Black model, which only costs $10 more.



  • Beware of DWI, if you have a problem with your phone, you are on your own.

    Bought a phone through them previously which had a number of issues. Sent it back to them under warranty, they sent it back and said they couldn’t find a problem. Of course the problems persisted.
    I won’t use them again!

  • If you’re getting a pixel and intend to use it for daydream you should spring for the XL, has a higher DPI and better field of view from the bigger screen. Also the standard pixel is pretty damn small as a phone in general (feels tiny compared to my old S4)

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