11 Ways To Improve Productivity Without Coffee [Infographic]

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By rights, this story should have been written half an hour ago. Instead, I was looking at Game Of Thrones memes about Bran Stark and playing Rolling Sky on my mobile. Such are the perils of procrastination.

If you never seem to get things done on time, you're probably suffering from a productivity problem of one form or another. Fortunately, it's not difficult to yield more out of the workday via a few tried-and-trusted adjustments. This infographic provides 11 caffeine-free tips.

The infographic below comes from the academic writing service Assignmenthelper. It looks a little rough around the edges - which suggests they should probably start following their own advice -- but it contains a bunch of useful information all the same.

We particularly like the ideas of working in the sun and prioritising positive feedback in the workplace. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a Rolling Sky high score to beat.

[Via Assignmenthelper]


    12 - Drugs, assuming you have legal access to them. Drugs like modafnil, ritalin or adderral work wonders for your productivity.

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