YouTube Roundup: The Best Online Videos Of The Week

The best online videos of the week, including: Trump tweets read in the voice of Gollum, Mayweather Vs McGregor Toronto press conference, Game Of Thrones audition tapes, tractor versus snakes, the world's seven greatest magic tricks and more.

Top 10 Everyday Things That Prove Your Life Is a Lie

Mayweather vs McGregor: Toronto Press Conference

World's 7 Greatest Magic Tricks Revealed

Kit Harington's Never-Before-Seen Game of Thrones Audition

The Fall Of Jake Paul (Official Video)

Kesha - Praying (Official Video)

Andy Serkis Becomes Gollum To Read Trump's Tweets

Brave Brothers Catch Very Big Snakes Nearby Tractor While Plowing The Fields

My Ultimate Go To Clubbing Makeup Look

Honest Trailers - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Simpsons Futurama

How Eminem was discovered by Dr Dre (Rare Original Footage)

The cheeky trend taking over Instagram:


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