You Can Still Ring '131 888' For Domino's Pizza (And A Human Will Answer The Phone)

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Once upon a time, the only way to get home delivered pizza was by calling on the phone. Not "a" phone. "The" phone. (Most households only had one.)

We can't remember the last time we dialled actual phone numbers to order a pizza, but it turns out you still can. Buoyed by the current fad for all things retro, Domino's wants you to know that you can still order pizzas the old fashioned way - and it's even bringing back the "131 888" number.

Despite having less digits, Domino's "131 888" pizza delivery hotline never entered the national consciousness the same way Pizza Hut's "1481 1111" did. (If you're old enough, I bet you can still recall the jingle to the latter all these years later.) Nevertheless, it was a damn sight easier to dial than "1300 d-o-m-i-n-o-s" - especially if your phone's keypad didn't have any letters.

If you're one of the approximately 43 people who still ring up to order pizza, Domino's has your back: it's returning to the old 131 888 phone number. Even more impressively, your call will be answered by an actual human being. It's like living in 1994 again.

Here's the Facebook announcement accompanied by a cringe-tastic vintage commercial:

In other news, it is now possible to order pizzas over the Internet. (Also known as the 'Super Information Highway'.) There are even pictures of the pizzas and stuff. We advise checking it out.

[Via Domino's]


    9481 1111

    In Sydney the number for Pizza Hut was 9481-1111 - but the original jingle was "_call_ 481-1111".

    But the best jingle was for Diamond Chopsticks - Chinese food delivered to the sound of French can-can music written by a German. 526-1444.

    Here comes that domino's taste, here comes that domino's taste......I wish ads these days had awesome jingles that get in your head.......Not!

    3892 1111 - Pizza Hut

    And before it was Dominos it was Silvios, and it was 368 1888.


    I have no friends.

    If you're one of the approximately 43 people who still ring up to order pizzaSeems like you're assuming everyone orders pizza from global chains that force their franchisees to work for less money than it costs to run their store.

    I get my pizza from the local family-run pizza shop in my suburb, and I call ahead to order my pizza nine times out of ten.

      I buy from an independent pizzeria too - but they have online ordering on their website. You'd be surprised how many stores have this functionality these days. (And if they don't, they're usually on Menulog or the like.)

    Of course I call for pizza. It's just easier.
    Why does the pizza shop force a surname, an email and a delivery address if I'm picking up an internet order?

    I remember finding it funny when the iPhone launched and people were saying "you can order pizza on it!" and I was like "whoa, can order pizza using a phone?!?!?!"

    I remember when Everquest 2 allowed you to order pizza directy from in game.
    USA inly drom memory but was still prettt cool.

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