What's Your Email Signature?

Email signatures can be a useful way of providing information to everyone you send a message to. But crafting one that is just right for you is not always easy. What's your email signature look like?

Rule number one - ditch the default "Sent from my iPhone/Nexus?Whatever" message.

I'm a fan of keeping it simple with my name, a contact number, twitter handle, website and email address. I don't like images of corporate logos as they take up screen space and bandwidth - which is an issue when I travel and am bandwidth constrained.

I quite like this statement from Geek Girl Academy, which helps take the pressure off people who feel compelled to respond to email 24/7.

Image: Twitter

What do you think a perfect email signature looks like? Does your business have specific rules that are good or dumb?


    Personal: Just my name
    Semi-formal: Name with a semi-formal sign-off
    Business: Name, qualifications/position, and then after I send it, the company tacks on their "this is private, save the whales and don't print me" paragraph.

    my signature is the following

    I dont understand the point of email signatures, write a proper sign off for your email, you dont need a cookie cutter signature

    edit: looks like the quote tag adds the " characters, but my point stands

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    Why do people put their email address in their signature? Surely anyone receiving your email should be able to work that one out themselves, unless you're sending on behalf of a shared or noreply account..

      I put my email address on as I often receive work messages to my personal account. I reply from the correct account but have my email. Also, there are times when people want my contact details and i just send them an email that has everything in the sig.

      Why include the email address in a sig? Because the email might get printed, or the email client may strip the address leaving only a name rendering your sender address inaccessible.

    for work, whatever fields out of AD that the exchange guys throw into exclaimer

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