What Two Colours Do You See In This Image?

What Two Colours Do You See In This Image?

Remember the white and gold dress that wasn’t white or gold? Or how about the Adidas jacket that was definitely green and gold until you looked at it for more than a few seconds? Welp, another clothes image has just begun to go viral and nobody can agree on what they are seeing. Judge for yourself.

Originally uploaded by Facebook user Rachael Stewart, the image below of a seemingly innocuous Nike outfit has instantly gone viral. As with “The Dress” before it, people just can’t agree on what colours they are seeing:

Some insist it’s blue and grey, while others (including the post’s author) claim to see pink and white. Personally, I think it’s aqua and brown. Wherever the truth may lie, it’s great free publicity for Nike of a type that’s usually impossible to manufacturer.

Let us know what colours you see in the comments!

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  • Which part do the pink and white people say is white? Are the shorts meant to be white?

    If that’s pink and white, the light would have to be very blue to make it look blue/grey. But there’s a label or business card sitting right there in the image that’s clearly black and white, so the lighting is pretty close to neutral; that means the colour of the image is the colour of the item, no adjusting required, and the shorts are objectively a blue-green – their hex value is somewhere around 130/200/200.

  • I see pink and blue, but I can get how people see white. My daughter sees blue and grey. But the poster above makes a good point about the business card being clearly white, so what colour are the actual clothes?
    (I really don’t see how she can see grey).

  • This one is actually a really easy one to figure out. When Googling the label (BiNorth), you can confirm that their logo is supposed to be white. When using this as a white benchmark in Photoshop, you can indeed confirm that the white balance in this photo is indeed correct as you see it.
    Therefore, the colours really are aqua and grey.

  • i see teal and a brownish grey for the top and teal shorts with a greyish nike and the sandals are teal with pearly white with a slight pink tinge i think.

  • There are the colours within the whole image as the question asked.
    Black background and label, white writing and pearls, pink base of the pearls, beige at bottom left under sash or scarf of green/teal/ blue mix in various shades, a brown shade of the bag and a different shade of brown in the top left corner, a shade of off-white colour of the object in the top right corner of the image.
    The question is invalid as individual humans perceive variations of a single colour depending on the wavelength of light and some people have tetrachromats which is a different perception of colour compared to ””average””’ people, of which, none are average.
    To receive a more sensible answer to the past ‘dress colour’ and this ‘colour test’, in the outside world in daylight with a clear blue sky, or a cloudy sky, the colours would still not be seen as the same among all participants who see the colours.
    Surely there are more sensible questions and quizzes with which to waste members’ time on this site.
    (Without prejudice)

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