How To Measure ‘One Serve’ Of Vegetables [Infographic]

Human adults are supposed to eat at least two serves of fruit and five serves of vegetables per day to keep healthy. But what constitutes a “serve”?

This can be difficult to calculate, especially when it comes to small fruits and diced vegetables. This infographic explains how to work out your portions.

The graphic below comes from The Conversation and is based on Australian Dietary Guidelines. In short, a single serve of fresh fruit equals one medium piece, or around 150 grams. A complete serve of vegetables will vary in size depending on how it was prepared. In general, you should be eating half a cup of cooked veggies or a full cup of raw veggies per serve.

Bear in mind that this is just the minimum recommendation: to significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, some researchers suggest a daily intake of ten serves of fruit and vegetables. While this sounds intimidating, it translates to around four cups of cooked vegetables and a few pieces of fruit, which isn’t that bad.

Check out the full infographic for additional tips.

[Via The Conversation]

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