10 Common Misconceptions About Food

No matter what you call them — myths, urban legends, old wives' tales or misconceptions — there are a lot of enduring beliefs about food and cooking that simply aren't true. This video tackles ten that you've probably heard at some point - from tomato's "fruit" status to microwaves' effect on food.

We've previously talked about popular food myths in-depth, but there are a lot floating around out there. This video from the Mental Floss YouTube channel clarifies and debunks some more of the big ones so you can get the information straight.

You'll learn why you shouldn't wash raw chicken (hint: it spreads disease causing bacteria, such as Salmonella and Campylobacter), why red meat is red and white meat is white (it's not blood), cooking with alcohol does not evaporate all of the alcohol content, and the fact that microwaves do not cook food from the inside out. Knowledge is power, and power in the kitchen results in yummy food.

[Via Mental Floss]


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