These iPhone Apps Let You Stream Video And Music With Friends Remotely 

These iPhone Apps Let You Stream Video And Music With Friends Remotely 

iOS: Your favourite artist dropped a new album at midnight, and you wish you could be right next to your best friend to listen to it track-by-track and freak out over how great the music is, but unfortunately you’re both in different places. Normally, you’d think the solution is to put the phone on speaker and just have a listening party that way. But there’s a better solution for that: An app — several, actually.

Image: Uptime

New communal streaming apps such Gaze and Vertigo are making it easier to listen to music to the same beat as your jogging partner, set up a movie night with your spouse when you’re long-distance, or just watch the latest viral videos with your best friends. These apps let you listen or watch content and comment in real time, even when people are on opposite sides of the world.

Vertigo, which launched on iOS in November 2016, syncs up two people with their favourite music on Spotify and Apple Music. Think of it as a personalised radio station that lets friends chime in and react to the songs in real-time.

Since the app supports the two most popular streaming sites, it’s easy to listen to anything from Prince to Taylor Swift. You can use this to practise a dance routine, work out at the gym with your buddies, or simply share a song with your significant other.

Vertigo is not the only apps in the market that have remote streaming capabilities. Other apps and websites with the same concept include Gaze, Lisn and Synaptop. Now, if only our favourite streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu would jump on the bandwagon of communal streaming.