The Unlikeliest Of Photographer’s Tools: Deodorant Spray

The Unlikeliest Of Photographer’s Tools: Deodorant Spray

Here’s a handy tip from photographer Phillip McCordall: if you’re trying to snap something and you’re getting too much glare or a distracting reflection, a quick spray with deodorant can sort the situation out with minimal fuss.

It’s one of a few bits of advice McCordall shares in the video above. While I think he goes a little overboard with the spraying (mostly likely to emphasise the effect) it also has another benefit — diffusing the light on the edge of the bottle and giving it a more defined outline.

If spraying isn’t practical, McCordall shows later in the video that a strip of paper or tape and some creative positioning can have the same, outline-defining effect.

There’s a bunch more tip videos on McCordall’s channel, so be sure to check them out.

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