The Seven Most Annoying Types Of Gamers [Infographic]

The Seven Most Annoying Types Of Gamers [Infographic]

Like most hobbies, gaming has its own subset of deeply annoying fans. We encounter them on a daily basis, be it through Twitter, online games or godawful IRL debates. Here are seven of the most infuriating types: from “the nostalgic” (who insists everything prior to 1990 is a bona fide classic) to “the contrarian” (who just wants to hate on Naughty Dog and Ocarina Of Time.)

The following graphic comes courtesy of Andrew Bridgman and Julia Lepetit at Dorkly. It breaks down seven gamer personalities that you’re sure to recognise – possibly from your bathroom mirror. (I’m definitely guilty of at least three of these – and I ain’t apologising to nobody.)

It’s worth noting that the graphics below focus on harmless personality foibles rather than the ickier elements of a certain online “movement”. Needless to say, there are far more annoying (and disturbing) gamers out there – so stay vigilant.

[Via Kotaku]


  • Damn, some of those are pretty accurate, the under 10 year old’s and desperate start ups cracked me up.

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