The Best Last Minute Deals From Steam’s ‘Summer’ Sale

The Best Last Minute Deals From Steam’s ‘Summer’ Sale

The Steam “Summer” Sale is almost over. If you’ve been consciously resisting the temptation to splurge on games you don’t have time to play, congratulations! You’ve almost made it to the finish line with the contents of your wallet intact. With that said, one little peek couldn’t hurt. Right? UNLEASH THE DEALS!

All of the games on our list offer a discount of at least 20 per cent and they’re all actually good. To make life easier, we’ve divided the deals into pricing tiers so you can ignore anything outside your budget. All deals are in US dollars. Obviously, you need to check if your PC matches the minimum requirements for each game prior to purchase. Happy shopping!

Franchise Deals (various)

How To Make The Most Of The Steam 'Summer' Sale

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  • No daily deals. No flash sales. The encore is the same deals that have been up all week.

    Worst steam sale so far for big bargains. I am disappoint.

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