Oculus Rift Is Now Cheaper Than Ever

Oculus Rift Is Now Cheaper Than Ever

The Oculus Rift just had a temporary price drop from $US549 to $US449, which makes it even cheaper than the PlayStation VR. Provided you own a PC that can power it, there has never been a better time to buy.

Here’s the numbers as they fall at the moment: EB Games sells the PlayStation VR bundle — with the VR headset itself, the breakout box with extra processing power, a PlayStation 4 camera, and a VR Worlds demo disc — for $629.95. That’s a fair whack of cash, more than an actual PlayStation 4 will cost you.

At the moment, Oculus will sell you the Rift and Touch controllers for $US449 — that’s $590 at current exchange rates. That also includes a bunch of free games, so it really is an equivalent bundle to the EB PSVR one, too. That’s pretty impressive for what is one of the highest quality VR headsets you can buy, in company with the also-excellent HTC Vive.

Just be aware that you’ll need a reasonably beefy PC to get the most out of this device. Here are the minimum specifications if you’re interested.

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