Boost Homemade Lunches At Work With Free Takeaway Sauces

I’m a pretty big fan of dipping sauces, and believe they have many uses beyond dipping. Sweet chilli sauce and the like are obviously fantastic on their intended dippers, but next time you order takeaway, ask for a couple extras and set them aside for later use in sandwich spreads, dressings and marinades.

Photo by Peter Nitsch.

There are countless uses for these guys. Not only are they packed with flavour, they’re usually free! Some places might charge you 20 cents for extra sauces, but that’s still next to nothing.

The Kitchn has some great ideas (linked below) but I recommend whipping some hot pepper sauces into mayo for a tasty sandwich spread, folding sweet chilli sauce into sour cream for a delicious chip (or veggie) dip, and shaking up a nice little salad dressing using satay sauce and rice vinegar.

What’s the Best Way to Use Up Leftover Sauces from Takeout? [The Kitchn]

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