Intel EoLs The Arduino While Gigabyte Gets Into The Single Board Business

Image: Intel

Intel is pulling the pin on manufacture of the Arduino board, following on from dropping the Joule, Galileo and Edison hardware. Manufacture will end in September although, apparently, Intel is shopping around for another manufacturer.

Hobbyist boards like the Raspberry PI and Arduino have been responsible for encouraging developers, young and old, to create all sorts of different projects.

Hackaday has got their hands on the discontinuation notice from Intel. It's disappointing that Intel has only given their efforts with the Arduino two years.

On the other hand, Gigabyte has entered the fray, releasing their own single-board computer. The GA-SBCAP3350 (wouldn't be nice if they could have come up with a catchier name?) had a fixed CPU but you can add your own storage and memory.

Have you been using working with the Arduino platform? Will this discontinuation cause you any grief?


    Intel is dropping the Arduino 101. i.e. a specific Arduino board. The Arduino platform is still around and there are plenty of other Arduino boards available.

    "entered the fray".

    It would be nice to have good quality editing again.

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