How To Build A Serverless Application

How To Build A Serverless Application

As we move away from the era of deploying servers – physical or virtual – in order to run applications, developers need to move towards building applications in different ways. AWS has published a guide on building server less web apps that guides you through the process. Of course, it’s all very AWS-centric but it looks like a good place to begin a journey down the road of developing server less apps.

The guide walks you through the process of using Lambda, S3, Cognito, API Gateway and Amazon DynamoDB as the foundations for the application.

The application you will build is a simple web application designed for a fictional transportation service. The application will enable users to register and login into the website to request rides from a very unique transportation fleet. You will accomplish this by using the aforementioned AWS services with the serverless application architecture.

The process goes through five steps. Once you get past the introduction you’ll go through hosting a static website, managing users, building the server less backend, deploying a RESTful API and terminating resources.

Good luck!