How Fast Is Your Internet?

How Fast Is Your Internet?

I was having a chat with Tegan the other day about a bit of a sore point – our future internet connection. Just before we moved into our new place, the glorious address checker on the NBN told us that, yes indeed, we would be getting “fibre to the premises”. Beauty. But now that we’ve moved in, our suburb has been “upgraded” to the not-quite-so-fast technology of fibre to the curb (FTTC).

Hmph. Fortunately, our copper connection is quite good already, so hopefully we’ll be able to get close to 90mbps on the highest speed plan. But for today’s Big Question, it got me wondering: how fast is your internet?

For this week’s Big Question we’ll do it in two polls. The first will be connection by type, with a second for connection by speed. I’m curious to know how good most people’s internet actually is. Is it capable of streaming? Do you have enough download and upload to work remotely? How much can your internet cope with multiple devices?

First up, what type of internet you have. Note this is for your main connection only.

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Second up: how fast is that internet? I’ll allow multiple answers here: pick one for your download, one for your upload speed.

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As an addendum for the comments, is anyone looking at an internet upgrade any time soon – or waiting a fabled upgrade to the NBN?


  • With Telstra ADSL2+

    Download: 12.92 Mbps

    Upload: 0.97 Mbps

    Planned availability of FTTN is in September.

    Going to continue with Telstra because my existing contract still has a year to go. $90/month for 1000GB data.

  • I’m on a 25/5 NBN FTTB connection. Don’t need any faster at the moment, but I’ll likely be trailing some work from home options in the near future at which point I’ll go to a 100/40 plan.

  • IMO your two questions wont produce usable data. I would like to suggest a better set of questions. My answers included as example

    What type of internet do you have? fttp
    What advertised speeds did you purchase? 100/40
    What speeds have you reached? 100/40
    What speeds do you typically get during peak times? 5/20 (yes, the upload is higher than the download during peak)

  • I’m on Optus cable broadband with added speed pack. I normally get 100MB down and 1.40MB up. Though of late I’ve been lucky to get 20MB down at any given time.

  • I’m on FttP and always get an average of about 95mbps down and 35 up.
    For reliability I’ve been on this connection for 3yrs and only ever had one outage when Telstra dropped and maybe twice where I’ve had to reboot the NTD.

  • I’m only a few hundred metres away from the local exchange, pay for ADSL2+ but only get a max download of about 6Mbits and uploads would be lucky to break 500Kbits. Telstra won’t do anything regarding this because of the NBN but NBN keep pushing back the area 12 Months. Instead of 2017, in 6 months the ETA is now 2019.

  • Old house: ADSL2+ about 600m from my exchange. TPG DSLAM.
    I got 18mbps solid and about 1.5mbps up over the copper.

    Current house:
    FTTP: always >90mbps down and around 35mpbs up. That is also with TPG on a SpeedBoost plan.
    I switched for two months to MyRepublic when they launched and was the portion of the network where they utilise Optus. I was lucky to get 10mbps down, even at 3am in the morning. Straight back to TPG and good as gold again.

  • Have had FTTP at two places now. Not quite what I expected – no use having a super front end when the backhaul (or the few CVCs that your ISP pays for) fades away at Netflix time – 6pm to midnight.

  • iiNet emailed me saying they couldn’t provide the speeds we were paying for (12 months into the contract) and allowed us to downgrade for free. We still aren’t achieving those speeds.

    The service drops out more than its up, the modem is actual trash, and it slows to a crawl between 3pm-6pm. Stupidly, I went with iiNet for their famed customer service, but forgot they had been taken over by TPG who burnt the whole thing to the ground.

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